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Aqua Blue is proud to represent and promote the following manufacturers.

The Smart Company producing quality pool poles, leaf nets, and wall brushes 

designed for the pool trade and the Sting Ray line for home owners.

HydroCav - Using hydrodynamic cavitation  to restructure your water we are able to reduce chlorine demand and have the chlorine you do use do more with less, imagine swimming or using the spa and the water feels fantastic on your skin.

Aladdin pool products and their line of baskets, pump seals, O-rings, Go Kits, gaskets, and replacement filter cartridges.

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Aqua Blue has lab test results on the HydroCav, be sure to download all three jpg's and see for yourself.  Install a unit and see how we can save you money on chemical costs, restructure you water and eliminate the chemical soup in your pool or spa.

Aqua Blue adds Aladdin products to its line of manufacturers

Aqua Blue is currently accepting new manufacturers to represent  in the California market.

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About aqua blue enterprises

Established 1981

Blue Fin Enterprises was established in 1981 in Honolulu Hawaii as a service company.  A few years later a pool building contractors license was obtained.

I was involved during my last 10 years in Hawaii with one of the largest commercial pool builders in the state.  I became the project superintendent for mechanical and was responsible for plumbing, installation, training, and servicing of many of the hotel and resort pools, spas, and water features.

I have also built pools in Viet Nam at the Olalani Resort at China Beach, and helped in the primary plumbing take offs for the Sintosa Resort in Singapore.   Blue Fin Enterprises is now Aqua Blue Enterprises and welcomes you all to my website.

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